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Earn Money: Review Apps on

Looking for a new way to make money from home? Check out This site lets you earn money by sharing your thoughts on mobile apps. With a $27 membership fee, you could make money from your app reviews1. But be aware that extra costs for tools and training can add up1.

Still, is a good chance to make extra cash. You’ll get training to write better reviews, which can increase your earnings.

Key Takeaways

  • has a $27 membership fee1.
  • Potential earnings depend on effort and dedication1.
  • Hidden costs for advanced tools and training sessions1.
  • It is not a get-rich-quick scheme; earnings fluctuate1.
  • Opens access to training for effective reviews and income opportunities1.


Understanding is a place where users can earn money by sharing their honest thoughts on apps. I found out that the pay varies, with simple reviews getting a few dollars. But detailed and insightful reviews can earn between $10 and $100, depending on the app and the effort put in2. It’s a great way for app lovers to make money while sharing their views on mobile apps2.

This platform is super flexible, allowing me to write reviews anytime, anywhere, as long as I have my smartphone2. This makes it perfect for students, stay-at-home parents, or anyone wanting to earn extra cash3. With 93% of shoppers checking reviews online before buying, the need for honest reviews is huge4.

To make more money on, I need to write detailed and helpful reviews2. Adding screenshots can make my reviews more believable, which could lead to higher payments2. Also, since companies use this site to grow their apps and increase sales, it’s key to write balanced reviews with both good and bad points4.

But there’s a $27 membership fee to start with, something to think about carefully. The site offers free training for members on writing great app reviews and improving SEO skills, which can help increase earnings2. Yet, it’s wise to be cautious and carefully check out what the platform offers.


How to Get Started with

Starting your app review journey with is easy and rewarding. You’ll learn how to set up your account and begin reviewing apps. This will help you earn money while boosting your app reviewer salary.

Signing Up Process

The sign-up process at is simple. You just need to provide some basic information and pay a small membership fee. Since its start in 2018, the platform has become popular for its trustworthiness and ease use5. Once you sign up, you’ll get to review various apps5. The site connects app developers with reviewers to share valuable insights, highlighting the reviewer’s key role5.

Sign Up Process

Initial Setup

After signing up, you’ll go through a few important steps for the initial setup. You’ll get a free training module that teaches you how to write great app reviews and optimize them for SEO. This training helps you create high-quality and insightful reviews. pays between a few dollars and over $50 per review, based on its complexity and length25.

You’ll also set up your own app review website, which can earn money through ads. This might cost a bit more, but it helps make your review site more visible. You can work on your own time, fitting it into your life easily5. Plus, giving detailed, honest feedback is crucial for app developers to improve their apps5. lets you explore and review new apps while making money2. It’s a great way to boost your app reviewer’s salary and work from anywhere.


Benefits of Becoming a Paid App Reviewer

Becoming a paid app reviewer has many perks. It’s a great way to earn extra money while enjoying flexibility. By joining sites like, you can set your own hours and work from anywhere. This is perfect for busy people or those wanting extra cash without a full-time job.

Flexible Schedule

One big plus of app review jobs is the flexible schedule. You can decide how much time you spend on it. This is great for people with unpredictable schedules or those juggling many roles in life. You get to work around your personal life, giving you total control over your time.

Work from Anywhere

Another big plus is the ability to work from anywhere. You can review apps from home, on the road, or in a café. lets you use devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Windows laptops4. This means you can work from almost anywhere in the world, making it easy and convenient. Get Paid To Review Apps On Your Phone makes it easy to earn by reviewing apps on your phone. With millions of apps out there, companies want your feedback to make their apps better3. This site connects app developers with people like you, letting you make money from home3.



How much you make depends on how many apps you review, with some making up to $800 a week6. This job is flexible, perfect for students, parents, or anyone needing extra cash without a regular schedule3.

Write honest reviews to help developers and inform others6. Some apps pay more if they need thorough testing, giving you more ways to earn3.

Always check a site’s trustworthiness before joining, like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau7. Remember, writing fake reviews is illegal and can lead to serious trouble7.

Stay active and quick in finding and doing reviews to earn more3. Regular work builds your reputation, opening up more chances for reviews and higher pay3.

  1. Millions of apps are available for download3
  2. Potential to earn $800 per week by reviewing apps6
  3. importance of honest and constructive reviews6
  4. Potential for higher payouts with complex reviews3
  5. Online safety and legality of reviews7

In conclusion, is a great way to earn money by reviewing apps on your phone. Put in the work and write quality reviews to make good money and help improve apps.

Real Earning Potential

Writing app reviews can help you earn extra cash. But it’s important to know how much you can make. Let me explain it to you.

Payment Per Review

On sites like WriteAppReviews, how much you make varies. The app costs $278 to get started, and you can earn a certain amount per hour9. But your earnings depend a lot on how well you use affiliate links9. Some members made $350 in their first four days8. With hard work and quality reviews, you can see your earnings grow.

Maximizing Your Earnings

To make more money, focus on writing better reviews. Give detailed analysis, make it easy to read, and use SEO to help people find your work. Being active on the platform and improving your writing skills is important. With over 352 billion app downloads expected in 20218, there’s a big market for reviews.

WriteAppReviews is a great chance to earn money by reviewing apps. Users in the US get a $20 discount because there’s a high demand for reviewers there8. With the right approach, you could make $975 a month or $11,700 a year8.

But WriteAppReviews has some downsides. It’s not always clear about how you can make money, and some claims seem too good to be true9. Still, there are real chances to make extra money by reviewing apps.

Factor Impact on Earnings
Review Quality Higher payment per review for comprehensive and engaging content.
SEO Effectiveness Increased visibility and potential earnings through optimized reviews.
Platform Engagement Consistent activity leads to more review opportunities and higher earnings.
Affiliate Conversions Potential earnings depend on the effectiveness of affiliate links.



Effective Tips for Writing Quality App Reviews

Starting with thorough testing of the app’s features and usability is key in app review jobs. You should look at the user interface, functionality, and any defects. Sharing specific details about your experience and providing constructive feedback makes your review more credible2. Screenshots are great because they help show your points and prove your review is real2.

Knowing who your app’s audience is is also crucial. This lets you give feedback that will matter to them. It can also help increase the number of clicks and downloads10.

effective tips for writing quality app reviews

Writing for sites like means using SEO to make your reviews more visible. The training on the platform teaches you how to do this. This way, more people can find your reviews2. Plus, app review jobs are flexible, so you can do them on your own time. This makes it a great way to earn extra money2.

Using SEO keywords and sharing your reviews on social media can help more people see them11. Being honest, objective, and consistent in your reviews builds trust. This is important for doing well in app review jobs for a long time11.

Red Flags to Watch Out For on

When looking at platforms like, it’s key to know the warning signs of scams. The promise of making money through reviews is tempting, but some signs should alert you.

Upfront Costs

One big red flag is the need to pay about $27 upfront for access9. This suggests the platform might not be trustworthy, unlike many reliable review sites. Also, paying a fee can lower your potential earnings, even if you’re promised payments through checks or Payoneer9.

Unrealistic Promises says you can make money easily with affiliate links and per review. But this sounds too good to be true and is rare in affiliate marketing9. Making real money in affiliate marketing takes a lot of work9. Plus, the lack of clear information about how you can earn is a big worry9. Sites like Trust Pilot give Write App Reviews a mixed review, showing users have different opinions12.

Limited Information About Owners

There’s not much known about who owns the site. Good platforms usually share details about their leadership and how they work. Not having this information is a red flag and makes you wonder about trust.

review apps for money

So, be careful. The need to pay upfront, the unrealistic promises, and the mystery of who runs the site are big warning signs. These issues suggest might be a scam. Always do your homework before joining any platform promising to help you review apps for money.

Personal Experience and Insights

My journey with has been quite a ride. I began in 2018, when it first launched5. The flexibility was a big draw. I could work at my own pace, fitting it into my daily life easily5. The most active reviewer has written 33 reviews, showing what dedication can do13.

personal experience and insights




At first, I explored the wide range of apps available for review. offers apps from many categories, keeping things interesting5. Earnings vary, from a few dollars to over $50 per review5. I found that consistent, quality reviews helped my earnings grow. The platform says the number and quality of reviews affect earnings14. This matches the average of about 6.94 reviews per user13.

Working with has improved my skills. Writing app reviews has sharpened my writing, analysis, and critical thinking abilities14. Keeping up with app trends has kept me learning and engaged14. The support resources from have also helped me improve my reviews over time5. But it’s important to avoid biased reviews and stay honest14.

Overall, my experience with has been rewarding. It’s a great way to make money reviewing apps and improve your skills. I like how it connects app developers with reviewers, creating a community that values detailed reviews14. By being a trusted reviewer, I’ve found more opportunities and collaborations in this community14.

Conclusion offers a great chance for people to earn money by reviewing apps on their phones. You can make a good income, even up to $800 a week, if you’re really into it15. There are many apps in various categories, like gaming and fitness for you to try out16.

But be careful and watch out for warning signs. The site says it has many writing jobs, but its link to ClickBank might make some jobs less reliable17. Also, users outside the UK must pay a subscription fee, which might stop some from joining17.

To do well on, you need good training and a critical eye. The site offers training to help you review apps well, and app developers pay reviewers well for quality work15. But there will likely be more competition, and writing good reviews takes time and effort16. If you’re thinking about this platform, set realistic goals and look at other options too. The secret to doing well is to stay focused and keep at it.




How can I earn money with app reviews on

Sign up with to start making money. You’ll test and review mobile apps and get paid for each review. The site offers training to help you write great reviews and increase your earnings.

What is is a place where you can earn money by reviewing mobile apps. Developers need honest feedback to make their apps better. You get paid for providing these reviews.

How do I start with

First, sign up and pay a membership fee. Then, you’ll get training on writing app reviews and SEO tips. You’ll also set up your own app review website for extra ad revenue.

What are the benefits of becoming a paid app reviewer?

Being a paid app reviewer means you have a flexible schedule and can work from anywhere. It’s great for those wanting a side job or extra cash. You can make money reviewing apps in your spare time.

How does pay for app reviews? pays for each review based on its quality and detail. You can boost your earnings by writing thorough and insightful reviews. Regularly engaging with the platform also helps.

What are some tips for writing quality app reviews?

To write great app reviews, test the app’s features well, check usability, and note any problems. Know who the app is for and use SEO to make your reviews more visible.

What red flags should I watch out for on

Watch out for upfront costs, unrealistic promises, and limited information on the site’s owners. These signs might point to problems with the platform. Review the site carefully before joining.

What can I expect from my personal experience with

Your experience will depend on your effort and dedication. With hard work and regular app testing, you could earn a steady income. But success depends on your writing skills, time commitment, and how well you write reviews.CLICK HERE TO VISIT 

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