Thursday, March 23, 2023

Where The Banks Have Gone Wrong

It would be very simplistic to place the blame for the global financial crisis at the door of one financial sector, or at the feet of any organization operating within that sector. The reason why the finances of so many major countries are now unstable cannot be pinned down to one thing, but part of […]

Get Debt Consolidation Plans

You should endeavor to weigh the pros and the cons of any debt consolidation plan before signing up to ensure that it is the right one for you. Bear in mind that you will not necessarily save cash with all debt consolidation plans. Do not consolidate your debts if your interest rate on them is […]

Online Debt Consolidation Application

The application process for online debt consolidation is far faster than in person application. Online processing of debt consolidation applications is often faster in terms of feedback; hence the reason why a lot of people prefer it. Online debt consolidation loans can be up to $25,000 with a repayment period that varies between 3 and […]

Is Life Fantastic With Plastic?

We in society have become used to using plastic cards to pay for our purchases, because it promises convenience, speed and reassurance about our situation. While today we may not have the money to pay for that stereo or that holiday, a quick call to a bank can be all it takes to allow you […]

Why Do We Use Credit?

When someone falls into debt due to a history of using credit there is invariably a rush of questions as to why they saw fit to borrow so much in the first place. Part of the reason is the way that credit has been sold by the banks – if you apply today you could […]

How Times And Views Have Changed

There was a time when to talk of having debts was like openly admitting that you liked to pull the wings off flies. People simply would not confess to having debt, even if it turned out that they did have debts, and quite substantial ones at that. Now, it really doesn’t seem that way. Debt […]

Cash vs Credit – The Battle Lines Are Drawn

It is a certain fact that where credit used to be the preserve of a few people with major disposable income, now loans and credit cards are common parts of life for most sections of society. This has led to situations where it is assumed that the less well-off are the people who like to […]

Uses of Debt Consolidation Loans

Rather than having to deal with five credit firms at once, you can take a single loan that helps to attend to them all. In event, you get to deal with only one firm, and they take care of the others for you. It’s called debt consolidation. Before you select any debt consolidation loan, you […]

The Risks of Living On Credit

It is always difficult to live frugally when all around you seem to have more possessions, more money and simply more fun. There are few people in the world who do not enjoy having new, enjoyable possessions which can make life easier, more varied and overall just more fun. The risk of seeing life in […]

Consumer Debt Consolidation

If someone makes you an offer for debt consolidation when you don’t seem to be able to find any way out of your bad debt situation, take it. Sure, it is just another way to borrow and owe again, but this time you don’t owe to as many parties as before. Chances are that you […]